Bhojpuri Song : Super Entertaining भोजपुरी Songs List


People consider Bhojpuri songs as the songs for all occasions. Be it any marriage ceremony, or college level parties in the form of freshers or farewell parties or birthday celebrations, anniversaries etc, all such occasions one could hear the Bhojpuri songs being played in the background while people could be seen dancing their heart out. The whole madness is blown away to completely different level just by the presence of Bhojpuri songs at the right occasions. If you are feeling low and want to dive back into your jolly mood then one can go in for Bhojpuri songs, want to celebrate on an occasion as small as a birthday celebration then one can tune into the Bhojpuri numbers , want to dance it off in any dancing competition or at any road side late night festive event then one could hear bhojpuri songs being played at full volume. See, how creative people can be with their choices of opting in for the services of the bhojpuri songs.

But, one thing that you do need to note is that though it enjoys some tremendous fan following and liked by the majority across the nation in some way or the other, the fact still remains that there would be a certain percentage of the public , especially the audience of the southern regions, who might not like the Bhojpuri style of dance and music. It will happen though , there is absolutely nothing that you can about it considering the popularity of the Bhojpuri cinema. It goes without any saying that more the number of followers towards a particular thing ( be it cinema, actor or song) equally great would be the haters as well. Well from what I have heard and seen from the people down south , is that they find the content of the videos and the bhojpuri songs generally unrefined as compared to their counterparts. There is a certain population that feels that the Bhojpuri cinema at times, crosses certain boundaries of with their visuals in the videos songs and the movies which they must not, considering they want people to walk in the theatres for such songs and videos. Well, to an extent they are in fact correct, but if take into the majority reviews, then we would realise that it is this masala , nonsensical dialogues, non veg double meaning jokes , highly sensual dance moves that makes people go crazy about them, which in process makes their movies run for weeks at the box office. It is what their speciality is , deliver a complete masala movie through the use of highly robust songs and movies.

Every year around hundreds of Bhojpuri songs make their way into the cinema world and enchant us with the beauty that they confine within themselves . It becomes very difficult to set our eyes off from the highly captivating bhojpuri songs , even before the movies hit the theatres. It could be said that it is these Bhojpuri songs that lay the foundation stones for the success of the Bhojpuri movies.

So let us tune into some top notch bhojpuri beats which have attained some cult statuses from the fans across the World and which could very easily drive you to sway on the floor.