Bhojpuri Picture, Film : Highest Grossing भोजपुरी Cinema


Though there are many die hard lovers of bhojpuri film who make it a habit to dive in to the theatres as soon as a flim hits the theaters, there is in fact certain population of the public who still consider Bhojpuri cinema as a lackluster and find them appealing due to their lack of basic essence, in the form of storyline, direction, script and dialogues. For example, if you go down South , preferably in the states of Karnataka, Tamilnadu or Andhra Pradesh and ask about their views on Bhojpuri films, the songs involved in the Bhojpuri picture , their actors and the direction of the pictures then there is a high probability that you would find generally negative reviews from the people regarding the Bhojpuri cinema and the film.

Chances are that they might even end up making weird faces the moment they hear about the Bihar and Jharkhand. Well , you can’t blame them either for that one. It is just that the perception of people down South regarding the Bhojpuri cinema and the fimls has been a topic of hot discussions.

What can be a possible source of entertainment is in fact a sheer waste of time and money for others. And it is a fact that one cannot please every individual across the nation.

Bhojpuri cinema has so much to offer to the public across the nation. You can make a check on the films released every year by the Bhojpuri industry and you would come to know that it is not all the same. From topics ranging from social awareness among the society about a particular issue , to wall breaking scintillating action performances , to nerve tickling comedy films, they make movie on all forms of topics by which they could reach out to the public in every possible manner.

In fact , they are the most creative set of film industries across the World you would ever come across. Don’t believe me ? Well, have you ever heard of any movie with Rickshawala in its name and which has a rickshaw puller as the story’s main protagonist ? Well Nirahua Rickshawala is one such Bhojpuri picture that managed to create a massive stir among the people at the time of release , and such was its impact on the people, that it went on for a sequel with both the picture emerging as major blockbusters movies in Bhojpuri cinema.

What amazed me more was the views and likes the cinema had received on popular video hosting site as Youtube. Phew ! More than million views and thousand plus downloads on other sites gave me a glimpse of the film’s success and why it is hailed as one of the most engrossing Bhojpuri films of the recent times. Really , if Bhojpuri cinema keeps on making film that inject sudden interest among the people towards their industries then they can easily take over other cinemas in no time.

With the kind of content the bhojpuri cinema has been making over the years , it looks like the day is not far away when bhojpuri picture give bollywood picture a run for their money . In fact, there have been films from the Bhojpuri cinema that have managed to rake in huge amounts than their Bollywood counterparts and have achieved a cult status among the masses.

These bhojpuri films have all the masala that is needed to run a film in just the right proportions which strikes the right set of audience and forces them to storm the theatres. So without wasting a minute here and there, let us have a look at some of the sensational Bhojpuri films that created a stir with their advent and have over the years managed to create a loyal and popular fan base that continues to grow across the nation.