Bhojpuri Gana (भोजपुरी गाना) : Enjoy India’s Most Sizzling Bhojpuri tracks


Bhojpuri gana (भोजपुरी गाना) have so much diversity in them, that any individual who has varied tastes of music could find all his demands fulfilled at a single place. Probably these are the only type of songs that deliver the punchiness, humor, romance , entertainment in the right proportions to deliver not not just one but multiple magnum opus. In fact every Bhojpuri gana becomes a massive hit even before the movie hits the theatres. To quite an extent, the Bhojpuri gane set the meter which determine the level of success a movie receives. Though there are other factors as well which should be taken into consideration in order to generate a mega blockbuster among the masses, like the actor and actresses presence , their on and off screen chemistry , the humorous yet husky one liners , graceful and precise direction , cheesy and engrossing storylines etc, still , you can not neglect the contribution that these bhojpuri gane hold in making sure a movie gets the status of a Magnum opus.

But one thing that needs to be noted here.If you are among those who isn’t a very big fan of the bhojpuri gane and the cinema then your first experience into this bhojpuri World should not be a dreary one.Considering the number of bhojpuri songs that make their entry each year, there can be few exceptions which could have failed to impress the public and might have received some contradictory reviews. And , you can’t please the public every time, it has to happen at some point that the gana will fail to provoke the mesmerizing effect , either due to the dearth of creativity in their video , in their music , lackluster chemistry between the actor and actress , or just way too vulgarity in the 5-6 minute duration which might not be liked by a certain section of the audience. Still, they manage to impress the major masses, and in the end that is what that matters.

It can always be a tussle when you are asked to find out the best bhojpuri gane that can match your moods and needs. Bhojpuri gane have so much to offer to yue public that at times, it might get confusing as to which song to pick and which to leave, considering all gane promise varied levels of fun to the listener concerned. The people who are fond of the bhojpuri cinema eagerly crave for the movies to hit the theatres and this buildup of their fiery desire is contributed to the bhojpuri gane that they get to hear on a regular basis prior to the film’s release on a commercial level.

Do not worry, we have compiled with us just the right set of bhojpuri gane that have managed to win hearts of thousands and millions of the bhojpuri cinema lovers across the nation since the moment they made a breakthrough and yet continue to receive rave reviews for them on every single release.